Lifestyle Retail & Commercial Hub in Zirakpur

Maya Garden Magnesia, a signature master planned integration of Retail, Offices, SOHOs and Executive Suites to form a top-notch mixed-modal urban hub; one that creates a sense of place and an easily accessible point. Impeccable location of Maya Garden Magnesia is unparallel to any other project in the region. A rare three side open land parcel, with seamless connectivity facing National Highway 22 on one side and 200 Airport Road (PR7) on the other side. The proposed iconic building design creates a visibility none like any other.

Maya Garden Magnesia
Maya Garden Magnesia

Retail Spaces

Dressed in neo-classic architectural built articulation, Maya Garden Magneisa Retail has four levels of shopping experience that demonstrates a refreshing approach to setting up business in a contemporary yet stylish commercial environment. The dual access entrance to the retail units maximizes consumer catchment at various entries with high visibility. The retail stack also interconnects with the skybridges to all the commercial phases, making this an attarctive and trendy place for business and leisure. This creates hug commercial potential and rare opportunity for investment.

Double Height | Optimal Assortments & Planograms Optimal Visualization of Retail Outlets | Luxuriously Planned Foyer | Integrated & Collaborative Zones | Separate Toilets on Each Floor | High Speed Lifts & Escalators | Double Height Entrance Spaces | Unique Classical Architecture Approach


A suitably impressive 3-floor layout with landscaped boulevards; it is a perfect choice for not only fine dining and specialty restaurants, but also for bars and breweries. Replete with easy access via elevators upto the topmost level, it can be confidently looked upon as the most preferred place to lounge, hang out, dance and satisfy the taste buds – all together!It can be confidently slated to be the newest hangout for all kinds of food-lovers.

Spaciously Planned Layout | Rooftop Food Court | Double Height
Fine Dining | Adequate Lighting 24 / 7 CCTV Security | Power Backup

Maya Garden Magnesia
Maya Garden Magnesia


Designed for optimum resourcefulness and performance, these statement offices take ‘office work’ to an all-new level of functionality. Small and mid-size lockable offices (with and without a balcony) are the new mecca for creating a great working environment. High tech infrastructural facilities have been meticulously planned to ensure functionality and excellence in business. The central location of Magnesia, coupled with convenient access and reach, makes it a genuinely great place to work out of.

Collaborative Workspace | Private Cabin with Open Plan Frontage | Wide Passage | Effective Utilization of Available Floor Space | Luxuriously Planned Lift Core | Adequate Lighting | High Speed Lifts & Escalators | Ample Amenities | Creates Highly Rich Visual Character | Furnished with Modern Furniture


This is your chance at complete freedom to define your own productivity. Sleek interiors give these a professional outlook yet maintaining a sense of personal space inside. The SOHOs themselves have been designed thoughtfully to blend the interior space with modernity and practicality. The facility level houses a fully equipped fitness area and a rooftop landscaped garden that brings green spaces above the ground. All these features enhance the space and transform it into more than just a place to call your own but rather a lifestyle that meets your work-life expectations.

Luxuriously planned lift core | Wide common passage | Spaciously planned layout | Integrated spaces | Furnished with modern furniture | Flow of movement | Modern amenities | High speed lifts & Escalators | Unique architecture | 24/7 laundry service | Power backup

Maya Garden Magnesia


We encourage you to express your point of view in your personal space. Our serviced residence interior design palette is kept minimal to allow for your own touch of personalization. Each of our residential units’ layouts and design maximizes visual access and space usage. Bedrooms are designed for the aforementioned personalization, with careful spatial planning and details that include customizable wall niches and more. The perfect balance of function and aesthetics that form your space guarantees you the perfect living experience for years to come.

Well Appointed Residences | Private Balconies | Wide Passage | Effective Utilization of Available Floor Space | Luxuriously Planned Lift Core | Adequate Lighting | High Speed Lift | Club Amenities | Creates Highly Rich Visual Character | Furnished with Modern Furniture


The lifeline of Magnesia, all the public places here can be described in two words – comfort and action. With eye pleasing landscaping and teeming with action, here you can chose to take a shopping breather; prepare for your next shopping haul; observe humanity at its social best; wait for your wife to finish window shopping her 10th store; spend time chatting or just lounge around in the sea of action around you. Pedestrian traffic is well regulated via strategically created walkways to quickly dissipate crowd convergence. Replete with multiple recreational features and hemmed with greenery and water bodies, these places are a must stop for everyone!

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